What does a shoot involve?

A typical shoot takes place in the cosy little studio I have attached to my house here in Falmouth & lasts for about 2 hours in order to give you time to relax & get a wide range of shots. It is usually a fairly fluid affair with some set pieces I may need specifically and some experimentation with lighting / props etc to see what we can capture. The best shoots are often a collaboration between photographer & model so your input is always appreciated too. Always remember that you are in the position of control. As model you permit what I can & cannot photograph. I may request, but your decision is final & your boundaries are always respected

What if I'm recognised?

Well discretion is never a problem for me. I am quite experienced at getting some great shots that still allow you to remain completely anonymous. So your Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Great Aunt will never know it is you acting as model. Besides which you get to review the pictures afterwards so if there are any you are unsure of then we can discard them, or you can keep them just for your personal use. A lot of the guys who have modelled required this level of discretion & none have ever had cause to complain.

And if I am too nervous?

I would be surprised if you weren't. Almost everybody who has modelled for me turns up with butterflies in their stomach. It rarely lasts long as most people find me very calming company & I am quite experienced these days at helping people feel relaxed, comfortable & confident. Besides which all the pressure is on me to get great images that we can both be proud of.
But don't worry as invariably guys find the experience interesting and enjoyable and often strangely relaxing.

Do I have to pose nude?

That is not a prerequisite for a shoot. You set your comfort levels & I never cross those boundaries. You can decide beforehand, on the day or during the shoot how far you feel comfortable posing & I always respect that. We can do portraiture, torso work or subtle nudes like this shot here.
When I started out I did feel embarrassed working with nude models, but these days you are light & texture, shadow & form to my eyes & you may be surprised how quickly you become unaware that you are naked and you can always trust me to respect those limits you set.

Where are the pictures used?

Most photographers will ask you to sign a model release form before a shoot whereby they have control over all images taken. I prefer to ask for your permission afterwards so that you can decide which images I can use for which purpose.
Some may go on my Facebook page, some for my Flickr gallery, some on this website and some for any future exhibitions.
However you have the final say as to whether I can use the pictures we take. You are quite within your rights to veto any or all images; indeed I do have some lovely shots that I cannot use simply because the model has never given permission.
You get to keep a digital copy of all images regardless, which you are welcome to use for your online presence etc.

Do you ever pay your models?

I do not pay models for several reasons; the obvious being that I am only an Art Photographer, I do not make vast sums of money from selling prints so I really cannot afford it.
Also I prefer to work in collaboration with the model so they can get some quality shots to start or expand their own portfolio or for their own online use. It is a photographic tradition known as ‘time for print’ and it makes for a friendlier atmosphere during a shoot so you can expect to be respected rather than having it treated as a cold cash transaction.
Every model you see on here has been kind enough to give me their time for free and I take it as a huge compliment to my character & skills that they are pleased to allow me to use their images.

Do you do personal shoots?

Would you rather a Photoshoot just for yourself without the pressure of having to get Artistic images for my Portfolio? Then I am happy to tailor a shoot to your requirements so we can get some quality images for your own personal use.
I do make a nominal charge for this just to help cover costs & filter-out the time-wasters. Included in the cost is all digital editing, black & white versions.
Some guys prefer this approach as you are the priority & centre of attention rather than me experimenting with ideas & you ending up with a lot of obscure images that you may never use.

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