Exploring how our self-image is shaped by the popular media I hope to create empowering portraits that normalise and de-exoticise how we are viewed as a stereotype.
Combining anonymous naked portraits with domestic vignettes to build a representation of a person that is deeper than their face-value.


As gay men we have grown up with negative views of us in the press which have only recently begun to change…however for many this is too little too late…the dye is cast and the damage is done.
I encourage my subjects not to hide, but to deliberately and blatantly reveal all in an act of defiance for those years of suppression.


Questioning why the naked male is still such a taboo; my aim is to present the full-frontal nude form with a poetically banal aesthetic and present him as the norm.


If the thought of being involved with this body of art appeals then please drop me a line - I would love the chance to work with you.



MA Degree Project

© Chris Northey 2017