c o n c u p i s c e n c e


noun formal

noun: concupiscence

Strong, ardent – usually sexual longing - In religion usually referring to sins of the flesh and particularly those that are proscribed

synonyms: sexual desire, lust, ardor, passion, libido, lasciviousness, lewdness, wantonness, carnality, licentiousness, salaciousness, prurience.


A Project concerning :-

Aging; Anonymity; Boundaries; Concealment; Conformity; Desire; Disclosure; Disruption; Ethics; Exhibitionism; Fetish; Infidelity; Intimacy; Invisibilty; Masculinity; Objectification; Personae; Power; Provocation; Representation; Repression; Self-identity; Sensuality; Sexuality; Stereotypes; Stigma; Subversion; Trust; Validation; Voyeurism; Vulnerability;


The need my collaborators have for physical intimacy with their fellow man is not a modern phenomenon; but the Internet as facilitator has certainly made it far easier to supply. It is beautifully simple these days to discretely create an online persona in order to dream about, and potentially enact these desires.

In this media & image driven modern world there is a heightened expectation for beauty which puts pressure to conform whether we agree or not. There is an irony in exposing ourselves to the scrutiny of the Internet while hiding our true portrait. When you remove the challenge of the returned gaze then you are left to objectify. So my intent is to create a body of work which questions censorship and modern attitudes to naked flesh and the stereotypes of sexuality.






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